Khasiat dan Manfaat


Jl. Palmerah Barat IV No. 59
Jakarta Barat


Visiting hours:09.30 - 16.00
Closed Thursday

Soto Betawi Empok Encum very tempting .Mayonnaise soto brownish white in color .Looks delicious reflected in the bowl filled with pieces of meat, tripe, tomatdan leeks, plus a sprinkling of onions and chips gorang melinjo.If you want a lighter dish, soup broth noodle soup deserves at coba.Kuah clear noodles served in a bowl with yellow noodles or rice noodles, tender pieces of meat, cut risol, tomatoes and a sprinkling of green onions .a legit bowl of ice mixed with coconut milk berkuah can you message as a dessert dish .If you want freshener , There are also pickled Betawi .Empok Encum also presents typical daily food betawi, such as stews jengkol, galangal fried chicken, sauteed Oncom .just on the responsibility was not disappointed.

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