Khasiat dan Manfaat

Nasi Uduk Ayam Goreng H.Saman/H.Iwan

Address: Jl. Joglo Raya No.1, Kembangan West Jakarta 11640
Telp:(021)584 0506
Visiting hours: 15.00-22.00

H.Iwan Uduk rice stalls, is a branch of rice Uduk H.saman which is located in the Kebun kacang.Uduk rice is wrapped in banana leaves in a small size.Fried chicken is tender and marinade seep.As well as other fried toppings Paru,usus ayam,asus sapi,sate udang,and empal. fresh vegetables and two kinds sauce to accompany the rice Uduk stall also in other Betawi serve typical cuisine, nameny laksa and soto betawi.Visiting survivors.......

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